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When Nic Met Wini And Harry Met Sally

Nic: It appears, Mr CEO, that the Club has made some rather bold and perhaps even desperate moves to attract and retain new horse owners.

Wini: Yes, but we have made these moves only with desperate love in our hearts because we are a forward thinking racing club that always has the interests of our beloved owners in mind and are doing everything possible to bring them close to our rather big bosoms by enticing and offering them with the very best possible reasons and opportunities as to why they should be race horse owners.

Nic: Hmmmm, would you perhaps say that you’re somewhat rather concerned and maybe a tad freaking out like the Mothers Of Invention?

Wini: We are constantly looking at the betterment of providing world class horse racing to our beloved customers in Hong Kong and are constantly showing them the wonderful world of global horse racing that they can be part of and which is not unlike like the wonderful world of Disney but without the fairies and the pirates of the Caribbean.

Nic: That’s rather wonderful to hear. I must ask: Have you been reading the thoughts of Chauncey Gardener?

(To be continued…)

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