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Where did Hong Kong’s “Can Do” spirit go, John?

If I were to ever manage, or even cobble together a Heavy Death Metal band in Hong Kong, I would definitely call it The Stoopid Terminal Alarmists.

Seldom have I come across a city that’s against the ropes and allowing itself to continue being overrun by 24/7 negativity and the sudden inability to think things through.

With misery loving company, there’s a terminal need to share everything that could possibly- and impossibly- go wrong with everyone.

It’s very probably why Hong Kong cannot dig itself out of the dark hole it finds itself in today.

If Hongkongers are to live with this truckload of restrictions that has the city stuck in limbo like a Jimmy Cliff song, let’s, at least, not make a bad situation even worse.

Then again, with many thinking their future is not in Hong Kong, maybe it’s about making the present as miserable as possible for everyone else?

My dear late mother used to always mention how when someone had everything going for them and would suddenly stumble and fall, this was because of being given the “evil eye” by those jealous of their happiness and success.

If with us today, she would mention Hong Kong suffering from the “evil eye”.

After all, who could have ever predicted that wonderful Hong Kong with everything and more going for it, and the envy of the world, being in the very fragile state that it is in today?

It has happened, however, and for those of us who have decided to never leave our home, it’s about trying to drag ourselves onto the sunny side of the street while upholding the city’s dignity.

What it’s not about is kicking Hong Kong down and looking where the pickings might be better. Or worse, kicking Hong Kong to the curb and not knowing what to do or where to go next.

Isn’t this what happened in 2019-20 when the local droogs funded by their foreign puppet masters lost all sense and sensibilities and became overnight “freedom fighters” without seeing that their Quioxotic stage play could never succeed?

So what’s there to do for a Hong Kong where so many things are out of our hands?

Wringing them in the air and screaming that the End Is Nigh isn’t exactly offering an answer.

Coming from a background in creativity, could we not at least showcase the diversity of creative talent in Hong Kong in someplace like the former Central Police Station in Old Bailey Street now known as Tai Kwun?

Before mentioning government “social distancing” measures and why this and that and everything else cannot be done, let’s put down that half empty glass, learn to breathe and see what CAN be done.

Isn’t this what was once rather cutely referred to as Hong Kong’s “Can Do” spirit?

This is another key ailment afflicting many in Hong Kong: Looking into what might not work instead of trying to find possible solutions.

If everyone thought like this, Hong Kong might as well close up shop, close down minds and go live on Meta/Facebook by being whoever the hell anyone wants to be by pulling the shutters down on reality for good.

Don’t think this is going to get us very far.

Don’t think this is the answer either.

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