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29 April 2022

Updated: May 2, 2022

And then one day Creative was gone

He took his ball and went away

No one thought too much about that

After all, there was more money to be made

But the whole town was sinking fast

Answers had become hard to find

Many tried to bluff their way through

But they knew they’d run out of time

They thought about how Creative

Could always come up with answers

They might not have always been right

But he was always a surprising enhancer

Few refused to see any of that

They thought they knew it all

But everything they ever built

Would just wobble and topple and fall

Creative, well, he had a third eye

He saw through all the empty talk

He knew when words had turned to clutter

And when nothingness said it all

But Creative was now gone for good

He didn’t like everything going on

All those sheep making blah blah sounds

And ideas being buried and torn

Who knows where Creative went?

Maybe he went nowhere at all?

Maybe Creative lives in all of us

It’s just knowing whenever he calls

Copyright ©️ Hans Ebert

April 2022

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