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9 June 2022

Sometimes, something happens out of nowhere, or for a reason that’s never made clear, and an idea somehow grows beyond one’s initial expectations and becomes something like, well, The Yin Yang Sessions.

These Yin Yang Sessions take the theme of Bringing Good Times Back that some of us have been working on recently to another level. And with a couple of people in multi media who I truly respect giving this project the wings it needed to fly by simply saying, “We’re in”, things are pretty much set to move those chess pieces forward.

They’re in, all-round creative person and Chef Margaret Xu Yuan is more than ready to get involved and, hopefully, The Yin Yang Sessions will bring together a small and specially invited group of individuals from the creative side of very different industries and see what might happen.

Maybe nothing will happen, but we need to start somewhere in trying to make sense of it all, or even just a tiny part of the whole enchilada.

The plan is for this group to meet every six weeks or so for lunch at- where else?- the very chilled out private kitchen and beach house that is Yin Yang Coastal in Ting Kau.

It’s a very very cool place- uplifting and with a calmness to it as the sea breeze blows in.

This will be the meeting place to exchange ideas and explore how to make things better- and everything in between.

There’ll be none of those committee decisions and having to tick tack tow all the boxes to the point where any initial burst of enthusiasm is quashed, dulled and dumbed down.

Instead, we’ll rely on that thing known as experience and gut instinct.

With so much Zooming going on, there’ll always be the opportunity to have special and relevant guests from here, there and everywhere dropping by.

It could even evolve into a series like, let’s say, “Entourage”.

We can dream, can’t we?

What else?

How long are the noodles being held by pair of chopsticks?

Or something like that.

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