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Let us put the ‘happy’ back into Hong Kong.

“City can learn tourism from Singapore”, “Let us put the ‘happy’ back into Hong Kong”, “Polluting fireworks may backfire rather than draw tourists”.

These were the headlines on Saturday on this page from readers voicing their opinions and concerns about where Hong Kong is going and how it’s stumbling to get there.

A chain reaction of recent blunders involving events, scattergun attempts at promoting the city while attracting truly international tourism and an alarming lowering of standards of pretty much everything needs to be faced by those approving this work.

Is it good enough, and if not, how many more attempts at trying to get things right can Hong Kong afford to go through?

To say we’re running out of time is an understatement.

Why those running this circus don’t take on board the strategic ways of possibly making Hong Kong work, and which has been given freely by those in Hong Kong with proven track records in all aspects of results driven marketing and promotions, is not only puzzling, it’s starting to show self-serving agendas at work.

Hans Ebert

Convention Plaza

1 Harbour Road

Hong Kong

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