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Nothing has stuck because THERE IS NO SUSTAINABILITY.

There comes a time, the Walrus said, to speak of many things, but with these things being a litany of odds and sods to get Hong Kong back on its feet, it’s really about how badly the taxpayers money is almost gleefully being used by those given the power to throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.

Nothing has stuck because THERE IS NO SUSTAINABILITY.

Ironically, the one sustainable thing is that complete waste of money known as CreateHK that’s been allowed to be funded and has plodded along for about two decades.


We have seen our money spent on “love you short time” things like Chubby Red Hearts, night vibes without a pulse, Hello Hong Kong promotions, and when everything else fails- more vouchers, light shows and fireworks.

Now, we are paying for coloured giant eggshells to attract tourism.

There’s then the ongoing saga of still waiting for refunds for a football match, and mass debates as to why Singapore was more Swift than Hong Kong yada yada yada.

We, in Hong Kong are looking like losers because we’re allowing highly paid losers to take our money and play with it before singing, “Oops, we’ve done it again”.

Paul and Kevin etc then come out for another round of damage control- but without answers people believe in.

It’s all bits and pieces of everything and nothing and where we’re drowning in “culture”.

All this nonsense and nothing only shows up a tinpot city with so many pockmarks that no amount of filters can hide what the world is seeing every day.

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