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An upscale young entrepreneurs club with a link to equestrian sports, Formula 1 and horse racing?

We like it- a young entrepreneurs club built around the speed and glamour of Formula One, horse racing ownership plus equestrian sports and positioned as an upmarket meeting place for the new game changers of the world.

We like it even more as some very close to us are involved and who see this as a franchise- an entertainment driven restaurant/club in various locations around the world including Dubai, London and Tokyo with no old school stuffiness, Robin Leach pretentiousness and cheap socks and gimmicks. Sorry, Pete.

There are enough of those Members Only racing clubs littered around the world and going nowhere in an upside down 2022 where it’s all about change.

As that one-time popular hashtag said about things a couple of years ago, #timesup.

New priorities have come into play and staying only with that old gambling albatross is not exactly inviting and nor is it going to open up new doors of opportunities for growth.


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