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Celebrating Hong Kong's sporting heroes...

“Siobhan Haughey has extended her winning streak with a stunning performance in the 200m freestyle at the Fina World Cup in Berlin, Germany, bagging a second gold in two days and doing so in only one second off her record time

“The 24 year old Hongkonger won her first individual World Cup title in the 400m freestyle on Friday, which gave her confidence heading into her main event- the 200m free, where she holds a world record time of one minute and 50.31 seconds”.

Shirley Chui of the South China Morning Post

She’s the inspiration the youth in this city, especially young girls, have been waiting for, and finally, there’s something and someone for Hong Kong to cheer on- Hong Kong born swimming champion Siobhan Haughey.

Having just written a song where she’s described as “a mermaid with gossamer wings”, what was probably a poetic line and nothing more, has taken on new meaning.

The success of Siobhan Haughey is something that augurs well for Chief Executive John KS Lee and his new administration as it takes important first strides in bringing Hong Kong towards what one needs to believe will be a bright future.

If Hong Kong needs a face to show this future, it’s this former St Paul’s Secondary School student who graduated from the University of Michigan, majored in Psychology and whose Instagram account has 230,000 followers.

The successes of Siobhan Haughey, fencer Edgar Cheung, snooker player Marco Fu, up-and-coming cricketer in 16-year old Island School pupil Georgina Bradley, all combine to create a OneTeam domino effect.

It’s been a very long time since the much lauded Lee Lai Shan, more popularly known as San San, who won the Gold for windsurfing at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and put Hong Kong in the limelight for all the right reasons.

What we’re seeing today, and with a supportive sports media spreading this good news is what many of us in Hong Kong have been waiting to hear.

It’s inspiring stuff full of Hong Kong Belonger pride and much needed as our batteries most definitely needed to be recharged.

Personally speaking, it’s working with a clean slate with no time for pettiness, cynicism and jealousies.

No, it’s time to find the real winners in the game of life- and celebrate their successes.

Could this new generation of Hong Kong sporting heroes be the motivation and Hope that Hong Kong has been waiting for to inspire the city into waking up from over three years of mental lethargy and getting back to creating again?

Very possibly.

No, make that a Yes!




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