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Tea with Her Majesty and Paddington Bear. Everything else is toast.

It’s not just the idea, or how they pulled it off, but it’s everything about it- Paddington Bear having tea with at the Palace with the Queen while the Platinum Jubilee party celebrations are going on.

It makes one wonder why so many brands and organisations that have been mentioning the importance of knowing the customer and the importance of originality keep missing the mark with such tedious regularity. It also says much about the 96 year old monarch and her sense of humour to go along with the idea like she did while being seen in 2012 with James Bond while making one wonder how the idea was pitched...and to who. It doesn’t matter. Thank goodness that both ideas became reality and were produced.

There’s so much real time creativity in this little film built around a big idea. It’s the perfect and timely reminder that the technology is never the idea.

While many are trying so hard to understand how they can be part of the metaverse and trade in NFTs while making out that they are in tune with all this new stuff that’s still to become reality, straight outta left field comes this piece of wonderful and very British absurdity. It’s something that brings to mind Lewis Carroll, Alice In Wonderland, the Beatles, Roald Dahl and, simply put, a level of creativity not seen in a very very long time.

It’s something that also begs the question, Why not? and how making something so out there, can be so here and now. Here’s work that takes the fear out of thinking that creativity has obstacles and trying to second guess everything and ensuring all the boxes are ticked until what’s left is, well, nothing much. It’s taking the soul out of an idea. It’s as stupid as asking James Brown to enunciate his words more and removing the squeals and whoops out of a Michael Jackson track. This short film is proof that if one truly believes in something, anything is possible. Just go out on a limb and just do it!

There’s nothing here that says that not everything must fall in line to corporate rules and regulations and approval systems and processes. It’s about dreaming big and making those dreams happen and having fun along the way. Remember that thing called FUN?

We needed this bit of Platinum Jubilee surrealism. Some of us needed it to wake up the senses and know what to do next and who with. Life’s too short to wait for another promise about tomorrow and changes that never happen as many are too set in their ways and refuse to see that time’s up and that their slips are showing Anyone for some marmalade?

Copyright © Hans Ebert. June, 2022. #paddingtonbear #queen #tea #marmalade #creativity #marketing

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