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Updated: Jul 3

I was half joking to some friends in horse racing that if Taylor Swift came onboard as an advisor to a racing club, the pastime might actually have a Swifty type future. 

More seriously, at a recent advertising and marketing conference, discussed was the incredible popularity and drawing power of the 34 year old American singer-songwriter-entertainer, director, producer, philanthropist, advocate for artists’ rights and Pop icon- and how, if she ever decided to run for any role in American politics, she would be voted in.

Hong Kong born champion swimmer Siobhan Haughey, below, has talked about chilling out to the songs of Taylor Swift and with her fans including everyone from Tom Cruise to the British royal family.

It might seem to some that she’s an overnight global success, but it’s something that has been building up since Taylor Swift was 15 to where she has become what she is especially over the past five years. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Swiftie or not. The fact is that here’s someone who cannot be ignored and is, without a doubt, the most powerful person in the global entertainment arena- savvy and with the chutzpah to take down anyone trying to trip her up.

One of these was the divisive entrepreneur and superstar manager Scooter Braun, who, after seemingly trying to ride on her coattails, or use her to promote his own artists including the then relatively unknown Justin Bieber, changed the game in 2019.

This was when he purchased Big Machine Records for US$330 million who owned the masters to Taylor Swift’s first six albums.

When this looked like being a deviously executed business coup, Taylor Swift, in an inspired business move, re-recorded these six albums and regained all rights to her music catalogue.

These six albums were each released as “Taylor’s version”.

Everything else that has happened and didn’t happen with Scooter Braun over the years saw a very toxic side to the music business fought out on social media and featuring a slew of familiar names- Bieber, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian…

Important was that after everything is said done, it was a resounding and positive victory for Taylor Swift- a victory for the Eras, so to speak, and an example why one should never back down and to always go for the jugular when knowing you’ve been wronged.

It’s obvious that she cut down Scooter Braun and his aspirations so much that he recently announced his retirement from artist management.

Perhaps it’s this toughness and determination to fight fire with more fire and douse the beast of prey is what has won over so many into becoming honorary Swifties.

Watching Paul McCartney at one of her Eras concerts in London last week made me think whether the former Beatle, who lost the Lennon-McCartney music catalogue when bushwhacked by supposed friend Michael Jackson, was thinking how Taylor Swift had not only brought down Scooter Braun, but also ensured that she still owned her songs.

What is it that has made Taylor Swift the powerhouse force of nature that she is today and who has suddenly relegated the duopoly of Jay-Z and Beyoncé to a secondary level?

The quick answer is that she has transcended Pop Culture and millions around the world of ALL ages liking her girl next door personality and with many in her fan base having grown up with her.

She is no longer the young girl who kissed and told about her romantic interludes through her songs. 

Of course, she still uses her songs to get across what’s happening in her life with Scooter Braun being part of the narrative along with her very very high profile relationship with American footballer and Kansas City Chief’s Travis Kelce. 

Do I like all this?

Not really. But, hey, we’re all different, we’ve grown up in different times, and we use our individual strengths in different ways to get to where we want to go next.

Are we seeing Swiftiemania? Definitely. 

Is it bigger than Beatlemania? 

It was a very different and fab world back then to where we and music are today.

If Taylor Swift makes people happy, this is a good thing.

How long will it last?

As long as it’s meant to. 



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