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While world champion Hong Kong born swimmer Siobhan Haughey is busy breaking records everywhere she competes and is getting ready for the Olympics in Paris, enjoy and take in the exploits of Zac Purton while you can because the odds are that the city will never have nor see a champion jockey like him ever again. 

As he closes in on the one record in horse racing in the city that eludes him- riding more winners than thirteen time Hong Kong Champion Jockey Douglas Whyte- it would be churlish of those who, for whatever reasons have never warmed to the Zac Attack, not to applaud his accomplishments in the saddle and also his grit and determination and competitiveness to make the impossible possible.

Though for me, there will never be a more aerodynamically sight than Joao Moreira at the height of his powers and decades earlier the enigmatic Eric Saint Martin, what sets Zac Purton apart from the rest is his focus and ability to look and learn and then Just Do It.

To those who might consider him arrogant, well, arrogance and confidence are often mixed up.

On Sunday at Shatin, he rode four winners in the ten race card. It’s now come to a point where these winning days are almost expected. Soon, he’ll be representing Hong Kong- and Hong Kong racing- in Japan and Korea.

If he were to win in these two ports of call, then what?

Who knows?

What matters is how his possible and proven successes and that of Siobhan Haughey are celebrated with sincerity by Hong Kong.

It’s not always about money feeding greed.

It’s about never giving up and leaving behind a legacy that will never be equalled because these two athletes are role models.

If those who market the holistic brand image of Hong Kong truly understand the need for good role models, especially for the next generation, now is the time to think outside of the square.

It’s time to underline these efforts- not by handing out what look like trophies made out of burnt char siu plus cliché riddled “tribute” videos with some Enya singing in the background, along with the usual bland presentation ceremonies, but by offering something meaningful and sincere.

Remember sincerity?



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