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Hong Kong needs at LEAST one home run. NOW. It’s needed to inspire this city into action!

Updated: Mar 5

There are many things wrong with the world that we would like to fix, but which we can’t. Not even Ethan Hunt could do that. Nor Tom Cruise. Not even Blaine Whittaker.

One thing, however, that all of us can do is try and help inspire people to do things that they might not have thought about- things which just might make a difference.

These days, despite the appalling standards of English in Hong Kong, but understanding Cantonese, I hear many complain about this and that, and as poet laureate Bob Dylan sang, don’t criticise what you can’t understand, especially because this crazy little thing called “social media” has made many believe that they know everything.

In reality, they’re legends in their own Wikipedia lunchtime and dreadful bores making mewing sounds.

This is today’s “creative community” where finding like-minded people is mission impossible, let alone slim shady.

Perhaps it were those lockdown years and various bubbles of fear, but we seem to have come out of the darkness desperately needing smart pills while minds are still very much imprisoned in new bubbles and different types of fear and loathing and anxiety.

Often, there’s the feeling of being trapped inside one’s own Truman Show while extras dance across your mind.

It’s where you have no idea what’s real and what’s fiction. It’s a continuous showtime and with us all being players in one big game that’s not unlike Groundhog Day.

Rarely seen these days are those who can help get rid of this malaise and malarkey by actually doing things to stop everything that’s not happening and work through the funk we’re in.

Maybe those who can make a difference are all gone to the moon or another planet or are hibernating with the bears and can’t be bothered?

Where are those game changers that the world once had to inspire somewhere like Hong Kong and get this city onto the sunny side of the street and make things happen that inspire others and which could create a chain reaction of creativity and positivity through magical synchronicity?

Do you believe in magic, John?

Do those in your government who are meant to be working to make Hong Kong function again as a robust and creatively driven city capable of doing this, or are they just hired help to regurgitate everything that’s come before?

Are they who think they are and say who they are?

Despite all their networking and talkfests what’s there to show?

Whatever happened to the promise of a HK$5 billion Institute Of Philanthropy?

Was this another imaginary white elephant like CreateHK?

John, has anyone on your team looked into why this flaccid CreateHK organisation has been allowed to be funded for nearly two decades without anyone turning off the financial taps?

As a Hong Kong Belonger who’s been part of this city’s creative community for almost four decades, there’s an urgent need to get Hong Kong onto a clear and strategic path where it’s not all style over substance and terminal vapidity.

There’s an even more urgent need for Hong Kong to believe in what’s being said and not flick it off as empty talk that’s meaningless and leading nowhere.

The advice below is for FREE, John. It’s not meant to criticise, but a check list of ideas that are not the usual 3-5 year plans that no one believes will happen because anything and everything can change by tomorrow.

Those talking about these long term plans probably won’t be around to see these plans realised.

They’ll probably be on some island and enjoying their retirements with their golden parachutes still strapped on.

Here are some thought starters…and which are doable.

  • How well do we know those around us and are they time wasters or able to really deliver?

Having answers to these questions might help you, me, and our respective teams in moving forward.

  • Admit and/or understand the problems and opportunities facing Hong Kong in 2024 and create solutions and a clear brand personality for Hong Kong.

Right now Hong Kong is looking like a messy buffet of scattergun thinking and pock marks the size of craters that no filters can hide.

  • Create an online platform full of only good news.

Let’s not mix positivity with negativity and keep creating a confusing picture of the world that’s probably not even true.

  • Have a 4-5 day Bright Side carnival every two months at the Happy Valley racecourse comprising pop up restaurants, ‘live’ music at what is the Beer Garden, buskers in different parts of the racecourse and areas showcasing the talents of young designers and creators.

Fly in one international act for every carnival- nothing expensive but one of those excellent sound alike and lookalike tribute bands like BABBA and other tribute acts popular with audiences- the Bee Gees, the Rolling Stones, U2, Olivia Newton John, Bon Jovi etc.

Make everything about this carnival interactive and available through a streaming service.

Invite the world to attend.

Get all of Hong Kong involved so that they understand that the world is more than Shenzhen and Temple Street night vibes.

Work together to raise the standards of everything in Hong Kong and also raise the profile of the city.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Hans Ebert

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